“Faerie Songs and Faerie Poems, forever does my spirit roam. Skipping upon the notes that whirl around in twilight humming swirls, in a starlit twinkled dance, composing is my faery trance.” 

                                                                                  -Kachina Aimee 

KACHINA AIMEE is a composer, singer and multi instrumentalist playing harp, piano, cello, flute and guitar. Inspired by her strong connection to the natural world and other dimensions, Kachina’s voice has been described as “resonant & pure” and her unique sound as ethereal, Celtic and magical.
Hello there fellow friends, faeries, angels, humans, spirits of all shape and form. Here is a little bit, ( or a lot, depends on how you look at it!)  about me! 
 I was blessed and fortunate enough to be raised by two incredibly adventurous  courageous souls. My Mother Francesca Azuremare is an amazing Intuitive and Writer, her family was from Wales and  growing up with her I’ve always felt a huge affinity with the Gaelic languages, songs and history; especially the myth and mystery surrounding King Arthur, Merlin (also known as Emrys) and the Avalon Priestesses!   It is through  my Mother that I was exposed to the beauty, magic and and absolute joy of Nature! She would always take us out on adventures into the mountains or by the sea.
 My Father Roger Woolger was from Crowborough, Sussex and he was a Jungian Therapist, Psychotherapist, Author  and Opera enthusiast! Through him I gained a great love of literature, philosophy and Opera!  I grew up in between the beautiful Island of Kauai in Hawaii, the stunning mountains in Boulder Colorado and in the beautiful green English Countryside.
 I learnt to play Classical Piano and fell in love with music and Playing. A few years later I started composing my own Music (mostly by messing around and improvising!) and also started writing my own Poetry. I have now weaved these two together into my passion! I blend together Piano, Cello, Harp, Flute and Singing. I was living and composing and teaching in the beautiful West Country of England where I gathered much inspiration from Celtic roots, visiting often the stunning Welsh and Cornish Coasts and the forests of Gloucestershire- forever  tuning my ears to the intriguing Celtic, Faery and Magical lore. The Tuatha De Danann of Ireland in particular and their connection to their “Faery rings of trees)
 I have now returned to the lush, tropical and utterly magical Island of Kaua’i in Hawaii with my gorgeous baby girl to enjoy the golden sandy beaches and greenest jungle and to continue my journey of composing , writing poetry and teaching. 
Thank you so much for visiting my site, I hope you enjoy my Music and Poetry.
With magic and faery blessings,

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions” 

                                                                               -Albert Einstein.